ANT+ Issues on Android OS 10 Galaxy Devices

I have a been using the TR app on my phone, with a USB ANT+ dongle to communicate with my Kickr, HRM and wahoo cadence sensor without issue for some time. This week, after the newest Android software update to v. 10, I get a message that the the TR app has not been updated to support his function. Do you intend to update the TR Android app to support USB ANT+ with Android OS 10?

Sounds like something is a bit funky after your update.

Can you install the ant+ tester and it will tell you which system components you are missing

Looks like I am not missing anything.

Indeed. I suggest you contact support directly.

Edit: Out of curiosity… is it a 1+? Mine and my wife’s both got android 10 updates today so it’s a little coincidental :smiley:

Galaxy S10+

Just got to test my 1+ 6T on Android 10 and it’s seeing ant+ devices without issue.

Hey @nebregman,

We have been seeing some issues with the ANT+ after updating to Android 10 and we were able to reproduce the issue in-house.

The development team is aware of this, and are looking into a solution. Sadly, we don’t have a workaround at the moment, so if you are able to pair with Bluetooth, that would be your best option.

If your sensors are ANT+ only, then pairing via the desktop app and an ANT+ stick would work, as would pairing with a different, non-updated Android device.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to roll out a solution shortly :+1:.

Thanks. I have an older Android device that hasn’t been updated to Android 10. I am going to use that until I hear that this has been resolved.

I IPBike use this with my Samung S7. It has been pretty good.

Just an FYI for the dev team - TR on my fully updated S10 running Android 10 can’t see ANT+ sensors.

Hey everyone,

We have not quite cracked the ANT+ issue on Android v.10, however, it is possible to revert to Android 9 in the meantime while we continue to dig into this issue.

I’m sorry we only have a workaround at this point, I will post updates here once we have a fully functional solution :+1:.


Just to provide a little clarity, this bug is only happening on Samsung Galaxy devices. ANT+ should still be functional on devices from other manufacturers which are updated to Android 10 - if this is not the case, please let us know! :slight_smile:


Good to know, wont update my phone for now

+1 to being affected by this on Samsung Galaxy 10 SM-G973F on Android 10.

If I can help with diagnostics/beta testing please let me know.

Otherwise I’ll follow this thread for updates.

Good luck!

Can also provide diagnostics/beta testing if needed.

+1 to Samsung/TR ANT+ problem. My Garmin chest strap (ANT+) no longer reading in TR after I accepted software update to my Samsung Galaxy S10 over the weekend. Not sure if there is a way to get the Garmin 735XT to feed to TR instead of directly from the chest strap.

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You can broadcast it in ANT+.

You don’t want to use the 735xt wrist HR. That’s why I got a chest strap in the first place. It’s so inaccurate. I’d recommend downgrading

I just wanted to say I have the exact same promblem. My Note 10+ was just updated to Android 10 and ANT+ no longer pairs in TrainerRoad Software. Hoping for a solution soon from TR soon :slight_smile: Keep up the great work TR!

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Did a little digging. It’s happening to zwifters too and apparently it’s a garmin library issue rather than so much a TrainerRoad issue

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