Trainer won’t connect via Ant+ FE-C

I was having a issues with Ant+ dropouts during my training ride today. I did a little digging and it appears that the trainer, a Saris H3, is connected to TR with the old Ant+ protocol. All the drivers are up to date as is the trainer firmware, running on a fully updated Windows 10 desktop. If I run Zwift on the same computer, it will connect as FE-C. The same Ant+ stick (Garmin) plugged into another computer will let the trainer connect with FE-C in TrainerRoad. I uninstalled and reinstalled TR on the computer with no luck. While uninstalling, I did notice that there were 2 instances of TR installed on the machine, one of which can’t be uninstalled. Related?

Any thoughts on what troubleshooting I should try next? I will run TR from a laptop for now, but would like to get this sorted.


I’d start by contacting so they can review the issue for you.