Sticky Spray for Aero Socks - Suggestions

I’ve got a pair of the Rule28 aero socks but larger calves mean these over 30-40min start to slide down. Rule28 suggests “Mueller Tuffner Pre-tape spray” that’s used by physios to help K-tape adhere. I can’t seem to source any (Canada). Does anyone have any similiar suggestions of how to tackle this problem so that socks dont slide down and bunch up…negating their effect?

KT Tape used to make their own spray…dunno if they still do. It has been a few years since I used it.

Another option…

not available in Canada

I used 3m 66 (?) spray…same stuff I used for gluing the number onto my skinsuit. Kept my lower leg covers up very well but it’s staying sticky days later and looks weird. Hope it’s not some kind of endocrine disruptor…


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Johnson’s baby oil to remove it :slight_smile:

Super77 is an industrial use adhesive. It is not safe for use on skin.

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Thank you! I tried it, not as fast as WD40 but felt a lot better :slight_smile:

stick 'um

Probably hundreds of thousands of cans of Stick 'um were sold in the US in the 80’s. Then I think several governing bodies made it illegal? Not sure. It’s harder to find now. But that unique stick 'um smell still reminds me of football/basketball season.

Cramer Tuf Skin

I’ve had great success with Staysput roll-on glue. used it for years with loose skinsuits and aero socks.

I just use hair spray to keep my rule 28 socks up. Spray a bit around where the gripper will be and they always stay up over an hour Crit.

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I’ve used this. It’s effective at keeping socks up but has 2 major drawbacks. 1: it degrades or dissolves Lycra and will kill you socks in not too long. 2: it’s damn hard to get off your skin. Rubbing olive oil over where you spayed it helps to remove it. Also the spray nozzle gets clogged very easily.

Just chiming in to say the Uhu glue sticks (yeah like the ones you used in kindergarten) actually work pretty well to keep socks up. It also washed out well and doesn’t seem to make my pretty sensitive skin react. Give it a shot!

How expensive are these socks and why are people ok with them not staying up?


Anywhere from $5 USD to $30+ direct from manufacturers like Rule 28.

I’ve found nothing works well to keep socks up if the sock is slightly large. So my advise is start on the small side.

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Spin iT Football Grip Spray -…

This stuff is great.
I consider it my most “extra” bike related purchase to date.
It was rule28 aero socks before…
But adhesive spray to hold them up takes the cake lol.

Fwiw, my socks hold up fine on shaved legs and the road bike…
But shaved legs + gravel (very chunky, pot-holey) means they are ankle socks within minutes.

Yes aero matters in gravel.

30$ a pair and easily the cheapest aero upgrade in the equipment department bar-none.

$4 USD. Couldn’t be any worse than regular cotton socks right?!USD!1.99!0.96!!!!!%402101c80016845902081591467eb67e!12000031159720212!rec!US!1815174450&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa

I’ve dropped $4 on dumber stuff….ordered 2 pairs. :crazy_face:

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I generally have no issues with the socks but the latest gen of the overshoes drop for me after about 30m in the hot weather.

Can this be any adhesive medical spray? @Rule28