KT tape to mimic the Danes for a 70.3

I am doing a 70.3 triathlon in a few days and I am looking for all marginal gains :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it was feasible to mimic what the Danes did at the Olympic, using some KT tape on the front of the leg to shave a few watts. However from all the articles I found online, I can’t see an actual estimate of what that would be (are we actually talking more than a watt?). Also wondering if that would contravine the Ironamn rules that say:

additional equipment that has the effect of reducing wind resistance is prohibited during the bike segment of the Race (whether such equipment is worn under the athlete’s clothing, over the athlete’s clothing, or is otherwise attached to the athlete’s body or the athlete’s bike)

Even though as far as I am aware there is no regulation on socks height for instance?
If anyone has any insight :wink:

I think just get some of these:

They shouldn’t violate and rules and you won’t have to deal with applying it in T1 or deal with it peeling off with your wetsuit if you applied the kt tape before the swim.

I can’t see them pulling you up in Ironman. They aren’t that fussed. I’d suggest that’s more to limit people showing up with some sort of full fairing.


It’d be pretty easy to argue that it’s for your shin splints in a triathlon.

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