SILCA's New Aero Racing Sock

Josh from Silca out with another marginal gain, this time on the body.


4-8 watts, thats totally worth $30,sign me up


May be the first semi-reasonably priced item from Silca…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

May or may not have ordered a pair of the Belgium ones…can’t confirm.


Makes you wonder what they cost in production…

I have exactly zero aero kit, but I am tempted :joy:

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Wonder how they differ from other companies aero sock

Not sure it’s the full story, but Josh covers some of those points in the video.

Shame about the styling.


Defeet claims similar benefits from their EVO Distruptor sock. I obviously can’t comment on the efficacy of the aero gains but I recently bought a pair and they are pretty comfortable.

@Benrlelliott These might be more your speed if you want something similar without graphics


The video makes me wonder how much savings there is if you cover the shoe’s dials/straps. ???

Hey, I love Josh’s Lemond TVT in the video!

I’ve heard about aero socks falling down a few times, but never experienced it myself. Is it really much of an issue? I got some Rule 28 socks, but I don’t bother wearing them for normal training. But they occasionally get an outing for fast rides and all races, and so far so good…

Wonder if the power savings are worth the time to put them on during T1 of a tri race…

Maybe, yes. There’s definitely a technique to putting on aero socks! I roll the plastic down so it looks a bit like a trainer sock. Once the cotton part is on your foot comes the tricky part (making sure the logos are in the right place).

I think socks like the Rule28 are a bit more ‘plastic-y’ so they have a risk of falling down. But the Defeet ones (and it looks like these Silca ones also) are basically the same as any other sock. They just are woven to create those ridges in them. I own the Defeet ones and I never once worried about them falling down.

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Have a pair of the Rule 28, I’m no Sagan but the L couldn’t get around my claves. Had to cut / score the internal grippy rubber to get them to fit. Since they’re sized on foot size doesn’t leave a lot of room to size up or down.


Good hack. Might be able to get mine a bit higher doing that :+1:

It really doesn’t look any fast :joy:.

Does the sock fit over their new out-front mount? (RHCP reference)


Best bang for buck upgrade there is. *See velotoze

100% yes in an Ironman race :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I used to roll my compression socks to put on in T1, didn’t add much time (worn for comfort/injury not aero) and made for a ~30sec T2.

4-8W seems wildly optimistic.

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For aero socks falling down issue get some bandage adhesive spray. Works a charm, does leave residue