Castelli Fast Feet Aero Socks - Falling down due to sweat a problem!

I just used the Castelli Fast Feet Aero Sock last night in a race, and before I even got to the race, they were sliding down as my leg started to sweat from the ride. I had heard that the Castelli’s don’t stay in place well from a teammate, but I had already ordered them. No question that they feel fast when they are in place high and tight like they are meant to be. Unfortunately they became less than aero over the course of the race, and sure enough after the final sprint (came 2nd, nearly pipped 1st on the line), I looked down and the had fallen completely down around my ankle and were folded inside out. This is worse than just a regular compression sock!

Does anyone know of this issue and if there is a solution? How does Ineos keep them up for example on 6 hour stage races? I’ve heard some type of spray or something is used, but cannot find anything online, amazingly.

For the record, I had freshly shaved skin, and I did apply some Amp Human to the legs prior to putting on the socks. I don’t know if the Amp made things worse, better, or no difference. Either way, the single silicone gripper did not keep them in place.

Don’t imagine the cream would have helped but previously when i’ve had similar problems i’ve used spray on bandage adhesive. Cheap off amazon, works a charm, will leave a bit of residue on your legs though.

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Now that I experienced the amp with the socks, I’m pretty sure it didn’t help as you mentioned. With my normal compression type giro or castelli socks the amp actually makes those socks stick. Maybe because that material absorbs better. But with the silicone gripper on the aero socks, I think it just made it created an anti-tacky surface and they slip right down. Thanks for the spray on bandage adhesive suggestion! I’ll check the interwebs for something. Any particular brand you’ve had success with over others?

Try Stickum grip enhancer.

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Tuck them under your aero leggings

Tit tape or dancers spray.

No I won’t give you links. I had to look it up myself, you can have it on your Google history too.



I have a can of this pre-tape spray that I use. It helps things stick without being too sticky. The price on this particular version is stupid crazy right now, but there are other brands out there as well.

A lot of aero socks are like this…work great for the first few times but as they get used they loosen and grippies get less grippy. After a wash they look real sloopy.

Buy a smaller size, wear for race day only, consider spray adhesive or double sided tape (Boob tape)

Yea apparently all aero socks made of lycra will do this. You can either do the spray thing, or checkout Silca’s aero socks.

It’s a knitted aero socks, so not made of lycra. Meaning they stay in place and feel/fit like any other good pair of cycling socks, but (according to their claims) they are just as aero as the other socks on the market. I bought a pair and they feel great, no falling down. I would have like them to go a bit higher on the leg, but it’s fine. Just size up if you like to wear your socks higher. Definitely recommend.

Old problem with an old solution


I’m assuming you then treat the garter with the stick’em instead of the sock??? :smiley:

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I gave the advice… but looking at the pic, surely you need to have a minimum of calf diameter for it to work :thinking:

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