Sticky Spray for Aero Socks - Suggestions

I’ve been using this that last couple months and it works perfectly. Rolls on like deodorant, wait 30-60 seconds and pull up socks. Sticks and never slides even when sweating heavily. Also easy clean up, wipes away with soap and water. Doesn’t stain or leave leftover after wash. I use wet wipe after I pull up the socks to remove any residue above the sock line and/or on my hands.

Highly recommended:


My silca aero socks don’t sag…

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Love mine.

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Hairspray works well on shaved legs!

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Yes it can. Typically Mueller Pre Tape Spray is the best but even regular hair spray can work well

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I’ve no knowledge on hairspray, what do I need to care about? :joy:

Thanks. Unfortunately in Austria this appears hard to get, so I’m looking generally at alternatives.

Its the cheapest and best way to get aero socks to adhere to skin, in my experience.