Different types of aero socks

It seems like socks have been getting thinner on average, which isn’t a trend I like. My favorite socks for cycling are hiking socks or defect levitation trails(discontinued). These socks aren’t going to be particularly aero, so I’m wondering if there are aero socks with a thicker foot part. I’ve checked around a bit, but it seems like aero socks are super thin. Silca has their aero socks, but they are described as like normal cycling socks, which makes me think they’re still pretty thin. Any experience on any of these fronts? The threads I found seemed inconclusive on the matter, and were a bit older.

I feel the same way and found some “calf covers” so I could wear whatever socks I wanted. Aero Calf Guards | Rule 28

They are.

Best cycling socks I own, aero or not…and it isn’t even close. But if you are looking for a thicker sock around your foot, these aren’t the answer.


Uyn aero socks are not super thin but don’t know if they are thick enough. They also make a winter variant which is thicker but could be to warm. The Silca ones aren’t that thick but I find them very comfortable.

You could pre-wrap your feet with electrical tape.


Bar tape would probably be better for volume

i’ve A/B tested my rule28 aero socks vs regular socks on a loop doing same power, and I got virtually the same speed (I was actually slightly faster with nonaero socks but that was likely due to wind). A lot if made of wind tunnel data but at least for me, I can’t tell a discernable difference using aero socks vs not

Silca socks are thin, but very comfy for me.

Swiftkick socks are thicker. Not aero, but if you want a thicker sock, try those.

Have has very positive experiences with no pinz aero socks. The foot is fairly thin, which is what I like

They are more durable than the other brands I’ve used, fairly easily get a full season out of them (used once a week or so)

There he is! The triathlete! Get him!

No triathlete here! I used them for the Leadville 100. I have some boney spots on my feet that can’t handle thin socks after 6 hours on the bike much less 9.

silca aero socks I’d say are thin - but not like an underlayer thin. they are basically just right. love the colors.

silca also makes socks that are warmer but they put padding only on the top of the foot - assume your shoe covers the bottom. so it’s not squishy. I’d say that’s an advantage over hiking socks. I think their warm ones are not aero.

Aero or not aside, they are my primary socks in my rotation. feel great and don’t slip and don’t smell. and I’m always happy to support Silca. at least they are trying to make our experience on our bikes better.