Steps as a subsitute or complement to training

Listening to podcast no. 299 regarding the Adaptive Training feature, @Nate_Pearson mentioned that several metrics may be useful to consider when adapting a training plan, including steps.

Of partciular interest for me is the number of steps taken taken during the day, and how that may affect the ability to perform on the bike, and if - at all - steps should count as (very) low intensity recovery training of any sort.

The background for my interest is that I recently got a dog. The number of steps I take has jumped from 4-5,000 daily pre-canine to 10-15,000 steps now; I do 3-5 walks brisk per day, between 15 and 45 minutes long. This naturally limits the time available for me to spend on the bike, and I wonder whether there is any benefit to be had from all the walks or if I can expect a decline in w/kg and endurance.

  • To what degree can one reasonably consider all this walking to be beneficial to recovery, count towards low intensity training or even endurance training? For example, could I just skip all the Pettit style rides and just focus on the SS and more challenging rides?
  • Or is it more realistic to just accept that the dog needs its walks, but since the walks will have no practical benefit on the bike, I should still stick to the training plan as prescribed?

It would be interesting to hear how those of you who have canine responsibility also get work done on the bike!

Not just canine, but other jobs as well. I remember a UPS delivery person also being an Ironman. Imagine those steps.

A nurse! Those steps all day.

Some of the mail delivery persons who do it the original way – via FOOT!

my days vary between 3K and 12K, depending on how many parts I have to move on the production floor.