Tired legs, too much or not enough?

Hi, I’m cycling every day, some days not far, maybe 5miles easy peddling when taking the dog out, flat route , easy spinning. Did a hard mtb ride on sat , 16 miles with loads of climbing, did ramp test on Tuesday, and a relatively easy riverside mtb ride yesterday, 5 miles with the dog is daily… I’m due to start first workout after ramp test on part 2 of base sweet spot plan, but my legs feel heavy just walking up stairs!. Do I need time off bike completely, or are the dog walk rides classes as active recovery ? Trying to keep as active as possible , but also realise the danger of overdoing it! Are heavy legs on to continue smashing it?

Have you completed SSB 1?

You need structure and a TR plan, that will take out the guess work and assign rest days. Not sure of your goals, but I’d schedule your annual plan through Base-Build-Specialty. If you do substitute outside rides for TR workouts, I’d try to keep those to aerobic and/or the weekend Sunday workout and try to mimic the intention of the TR workout. Ideally your intervals days are done indoors and less structured rides can be substituted outdoors. Your dog rides appear to be “junk miles”, but as long as they’re very easy it’s likely doing no harm. Miles mean nothing (vanity metric), it’s about intensity and duration.

Listen to your body and take a rest day if needed. Don’t keep digging a deeper hole.

Yes , was half way part 2 but had a few weeks out so went back to the start of it

sorry, I’m still a little unsure of what you are doing. is this outdoor riding and dogwalking as well as your previous workouts or instead of at the moment?

Nothing wrong with a bit of outdoor exercise, its good for the mind as well as the body, but you need to be capturing as part of your total effort, so

  1. TR workouts
  2. other exercise
  3. nutrition - based on 1&2 above
  4. Recovery - based on 1&2 above.

you can add outdoor work into your calendar and estimate the TSS, I would recommend you do some planning around this so you can see what your weekly efforts are going to look like, and whether it is sustainable.

here’s some information on adding other activities into your calendar

And he’s some general advice on planning

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When my legs are tired, it’s generally because I need rest, not more stress. And I would say you probably do need to take a day off the bike when possible. Active recovery on the bike isn’t the same as rest.