Started wrong Sweetspot base plan - should I change?

So I am about 3 weeks in to Mid Volume SSB II (2nd week was a bit of an illness washout) I did not do SSB I. I though it was a choice not 1 then 2.

Should I restart on SSB 1 or just do 2 twice.

I am around 3.8wpk and have previously been 4.5ish.

I have no major race goals this year but I am training to do a 70.3 in the next 12mths (I’ll be moving on to do the half distance plan)


how many workouts of week 2 did you complete properly?

Not really any - I did do some Minus versions of sweetspot workouts in the 30/45 min range and completed them fine- maybe 200TSS total.

If it were me, and I didn’t have target events looming, I would go back to SSB1 then… Treat week 1 and what you managed in week 2 as ‘prep’ and then get fully into it. The progression really works, although it may feel easy to start.


I did this…just did it twice instead. What’s the worst that will happen?

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Burnout because SSB2MV is much more demanding than SSB1MV, particularly when followed by a build phase. SSB1MV is easier, so keeping the longview, he might be more likely to continue training consistently if he does the prescribed progression rather than the more difficult repeat, especially with 12 months until his target event.

@stevie989 - we could give you better answers if we knew what you planned to do for your entire training progression up to the key event. Can you lay that out for us and we can give feedback?


I plan on entering a 70.3 but have not selected a race yet. Possibly September but I don’t think that will align well with work commitments and I doubt I’d be ready (swim wise) before that.

I have spent the winter mostly racing Track League at the velodrome but no other structured training.

I will race some Crits and RR this summer but no A races (or even B).

My primary goal is to continue to drive up my FTP - hopefully to around 300W (4.7/8wpk)

I will do some local TT events (10 and 25 miles) but again have no primary goals at this stage.

I would definitely step back and do something like:

SSB1 -> SSB2 -> SPB/General Build/Half Tri -> Pick a specialty (RRR, 40KTT or half tri) -> Half Distance Tri Build -> Half Distance Tri specialty.

You’re not coming from the couch, but I still think “backing off” a little bit at this point would do you better in the long run given you don’t have an A event yet. Base - Build - Specialty is 28 weeks, so that could put you into July for your Crit/RR/TT, then give you two more months for part of a build and/or another specialty plan. You can lop off part of the Build/Specialty to time it right. I’d go into the 70.3 having done a complete Build -> Specialty going into it.

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I’d go back but try and toss out the first week maybe two of ssb I do you don’t lose a bunch of calendar

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Decided in the end to restart SSB1 Mid volume as of Monday.

Figured it for the best as I will still be running and swimming a bit as well.