Stamina Pro Patches

I just happened to see an ad for these Stamina Pro Patches on Instagram today. I clicked on the link and did some very minimal reading (basically I was looking for ingredients and cost). I’m always skeptical of new products such as this until I either read plenty of positive unsponsored reviews, or I try it for myself and it proves to be beneficial. The main reason I’m even remotely interested in this product is because I’ve been dealing with some nagging tendinitis just above my left knee cap for about 20+ months now. I think it’s gone away and then I get a sharp twinge in pain. Went to physical therapy last summer for it and made it through cyclocross season without any issues. Then it started bothering me again this summer when I added barbell squats back into my strength training routine.

Anyway, wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this stuff. I’m only interested in trying it to try to clear out this nagging tendinitis once and for all.

Meaningful levels of absorption to a joint via the skin is difficult. You’d far more likely benefit via oral administration

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That’s kinda what I was thinking. These seem gimmicky, but there are other patches out there that perform well for various things such as stopping smoking, birth control, pain management, etc.

It’s too bad there is so much false advertising out there nowadays that you cannot just trust something to work like it claims to.