Training/Rest advice

Hi guys

Looking for some advice. I’m just finishing week 1 of SSB MID volume 1.

Completed the Ramp test and when doing the workouts they feel ‘right’ I.e. difficult (very on ocassion) but I am hitting the targets etc.

My legs in general feel good and during the workout they only hurt in the normal sense - when it’s getting tough.

My query - behind my knees are slightly sore over the last few days. Again, fine on bike and not stopping me train at all. I am feeling good otherwise, not over tired etc. Eating well. Seat height has not changed from when I was out on the road over summer.

So am I ok to keep with plan or do I need an extra rest day? I’m wondering if it’s my legs adjusting to the turbo trainer training? I’m enjoying it and don’t want to skip a workout unless I need to. Obviously aware no one can give actual medical views, just wondering if anyone has any similar past experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Pain behind the kneecap can be an indicator of a number of things, but one common one is patellar tendonitis. That’s usually an overuse type injury and is a pretty common overuse injury for runners and cyclists. It could be indicative of poor bike fit (your knees over- or under-extend in your pedal stroke) or inadequate quad strength/flexibility (more common in runners).

I dealt with similar indications running, including the fact that it didn’t bother me while running. I kept training through it, but I treated it with Dixie or other small disposable paper cups filled with water and frozen. Tear the top of the cup off to expose the ice and conduct an “ice massage” around your knee caps for 15-20 minutes after training. NSAIDs can also help. But ultimately, what’s going to be a permanent fix could be extended rest, improved quad strength/flexibility or bike fit.

(Not a doctor. Not a PT.)

Thanks @kurt.braeckel

I will try the ice treatment after workouts for next few days. Will also take tomorrow’s workout easy.

Shouldn’t be bike fit as nothing has really changed.

Hoping it passes soon otherwise I’ll have to rest a few days…

When I first read this I took ‘behind the knee’ to mean the back of your leg, around the knee area? If so, then this might just be fatigue from the constant strain of the trainer (compared to the fluid/changeable resistance of real world riding). I’ve felt it and it was just adaptation to the trainer style efforts.

If its behind the kneeCAP though (and therefore pain towards the front of the knee) I would be very cautious about proceeding without analysing your position first…

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Thanks - you’re right - it’s the leg behind knee. Not the actual knee itself. My gut is that it’s adaption to the indoor training also.

A good warmup and warmdown are important… but always best being cautious. If its ‘sharp’ pain I’d stop immediately and ice/rest. If it persists though I wouldn’t just push through too much.

What’s your riding history?
If you haven’t been a heavy into cycling for a while, and specifically indoor, you might be experiencing the symptoms of a sub-optimal bike fit. You can get away with these outdoors because you are moving around on the bike a lot more, but indoors things are amplified, especially if you are doing a lot more indoor than previously.

I’d double check that soon to avoid some long term injury that really sets back your training.

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What trainer do you use?

Particular mode (erg or resistance if smart)?

Gearing in erg (if smart)?

Essentially wondering if you are experiencing different loads on your legs due to different trainer inertia.

Well that changes things… I thought it was behind your kneecap. The ice massage is still a good idea, but that sounds more like a ligament issue with your hamstring, which is likely a strength/flexibility thing. Ice massage will help, but you might need some time off the bike or spinning easily rather than training.

Cycled a few times a week from May though end aug but then wasn’t out before until a 3-4 weeks ago. Some outdoor rides and then this past fortnight it’s been indoor.

Set up is elite direto - ERG mode.

From what you guys are saying sounds like I need to check the fit of Bike, do some ice and potentially rest up.

Anecdotally - it feels to me like there is more of a pull motion going on when indoors. Which would tie in with thinking around hamstring. Plus to be fair it is a fairly significant block of training that’s started from not that high a base level. Always been my issue - all or nothing! Need to find pace and consistency.

A but more sore today than prior to yesterday’s ride- so am going to try and take a LT view and skip today’s ride. Next ride Tuesday evening so that will be three days rest effectively.

Will also check out my bike set up - can anyone point me to a really good online tutorial on how to do your own set up.

Will also ice the area over next couple of days and take some anti inflammatories and see how I’m set for Tuesday night. Frustrating as just want to crack on.

What gear do you use?

Might be worth experimenting with higher gearing (if you aren’t already) to get more flywheel inertia and smooth out your pedal stroke.

Icing will only treat the symptoms while slowing recovery.

Have been in small ring - with as straight a chain as possible. Maybe will try the big ring and see how that goes.

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What’s the alternative?

It’s really not a high degree of pain and doesn’t even really hurt when on the bike. My struggle is between being overly concerned - on basis that this is just my legs getting used to indoor and a bit of an uplift in training VS being complacent and finding myself in 8-10 weeks saying ‘I now have a bigger problem’.

Probably go and see a physio

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Yeh I know. Only thing is - I know he will charge me £40 and tell me to rest for a week. :grimacing: And that’s nothing against him- he’s a mate!

Going to see how I feel on Tuesday evening and go from there.

That’s really not a good physio, physios shouldn’t just help you get better they should help you avoid the problem again in the future.

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Absolutely, a good sports physio will offer way better than rest. Get a recommendation from riders in your region. My physio has never recommended rest alone after numerous overtraining and ground inspection related injuries…

*not a doctor / PT

I know you said pain “behind knee”, but it might also be ITB syndrome. I’ve dealt with this several times and still do if I over train. Rest, foam roller, and good leg exercises , including yoga, helped me a lot. But talk to your doc.