Stage racing (plans)

Is anyone else doing (or have done) a stage race with TR? Which plan did you use and how did you like it? Any recommended tweaks? I’m going to be doing a couple 6 day stages races this year and looking at options. Also, how do you build in climbing or do you just adjust with hrs on bike?

Hey there!

We’d recommend choosing your plan based off of which stage you think will be most decisive/you’d like to target.

For example, if the stage race has a big climbing day you want to go for, choosing the Climbing RR Specialty Phase would be a good choice. If the race has a crit you’ve got your eyes on, you could choose the Criterium Specialty Phase for your plan instead. If you’re targeting the GC, then think of what aspect of your fitness will be most important for the race to hold the overall lead (usually TT/Climbing focus for that).

Tweaking your plan will come down to personal preference – a recent feature we released allows you to adjust your plan’s volume day-to-day, though, which could be helpful:

As for the climbing, I assume you mean adding that into the race itself on your TR Calendar (correct me if I’m wrong!). There isn’t an option to do so – you can only adjust the duration in time and intensity of the race to get a TSS estimation. This won’t have an impact on your overall plan, though – it’s really there so you can get an idea of what your future TSS will be looking like during that race week. The rest of your plan will be built around the Specialty Phase focus that you choose.

Hope this info helps – feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!

Still a bit confused. Am I putting this in as a 1 day race focusing on the biggest day? Or is there an option for a multiday race? There’s a big difference in training for a (hard) one-day race versus 6 (80%) days. TIA

Hey @grega,

You would add the event as a Stage Race and select the appropriate discipline for it :slight_smile:


This way Plan Builder will consider the 6 days as a whole rather than 1 day.