Changing out speciality phase type

I’ve just realised that I chose the wrong focus in plan builder, where I picked rolling road race.

The goal of my training is mostly aimed at getting fitter, faster on climbing cycling holidays (I’d like to improve my pr on a 40-45min climb) and faster on some 60-100 mile cycling events I have booked for the year.

First of which is a 2 week cycling trip in 7 weeks.

Next week is the last of build and realising my error I was thinking about swapping out speciality for either climbing road race or 40k TT. I quite enjoy some intensity, so I’m not overly keen on gran fondo.

My question is, can anyone offer any advice on what to change, or whether I should change at all.

Secondly, what’s the best way to do this on the software? Cancel my current plan and manually add speciality in the right place?

Thanks in advance

I think your plan type will depend on how you want to approach your events.

Rolling Road Race and Climbing RR plans both have workouts that feature short bursts of power nestled within longer, sustained efforts. Those workouts are meant to simulate the surges you’ll likely experience if you’re trying to stick with a large pack of riders.

The 40k TT and the Gran Fondo plans both feature steadier workouts if you wanted to take on the climbs at your own pace rather than trying to hang onto someone else’s wheel.

You can also check out and compare each of the plans here so you can see what the workouts will generally look like – that will give you a good idea of which plan best suits your needs.

You can change your Specialty Phase by clicking on the annotation on your TR Calendar:

Then, you’ll have a menu appear that will allow you to change your Specialty Phase to whatever you’d like:

Click on the “Update” box on the bottom, and your changes will be applied.

Hope this helps – feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!