Which event type should I choose?

I live in Taiwan, a small island in South Pacific.
I plan to go on this ride around the island in late February. It’s a 9 day trip. Approximately 100-120k per day. There will be some climbs, long but not steep. What type event should I choose? Gran Fondo or rolling race? Thanks!

There is an option “ Stage Race” in planbuilder. I used that this year for training for the Tour for Life. You can specify the specifics for each stage. Worked perfectly for me! Finished 1300 km, 20.000 hm in 7 days without problems using a mid volume plan, Tip: take care of your bottom during the race… Get a couple of really comfy bibs, use (sudo)cream after each stage and sleep naked (so that your skin can recover optimally). Good luck!

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Thank you so much! I’ll go look into it right now!

I found the stage choice, but I can’t seem to find where I can set specific specialty for each stage other than putting in the date and duration and intensity.

Ah sorry, you are right, you can’t select a different specialty for each stage…I choose the mountain version as my specialty. Because it was my main weakness and about half of the stages had long climbs. So based on the course you have to choose yourself on what part you want/need to focus, I guess. Based on how you describe your event (some long but not steep climbs) I would choose either Mountain or Gran Fondo, in that order.

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You can pick stage race and then climbing road race as the event.

Plan builder will build a training plan for you.

Once it is loaded onto the calendar, if you want to change any of the blocks, say from “General Build” to “Sustained Power Build”, click on the icon on the calendar at the beginning of the block that says “Build”.

From here you can select the Build block you want to do and the volume you want to do, plan builder will then amend your sessions accordingly