Stage Race Pro Tips, Long Distance Training, Muscle Activation and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 240

Stage race pro tips, training for long events, muscle activation for proper mechanics and more is all covered in Episode 240 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Definitely hoping for something other than “don’t take such a long break” which is my current solution, particularly on long sportives/ audax!

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Could you guys (and gal) explain what is meant when you say to “train through” B and C races? Do you change any workouts for the week or do you just do everything as planned and ignore the spike in TSS from the race? Always wondered about this, thanks!

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So exicted to see this topic! It was exactly what I’ve been trying to work through at the moment.

I’ve noticed Long Distance Training on there, and had a question I’ll try to propagate over to Facebook/whatever feed you follow for live questions. As a time-starved rider that has very limited opportunities to take longer distance rides, are there tactics/tips that can help train my ability to eat for long rides while doing shorter sessions?

Don’t worry about asking your question again in the YouTube Live Chat. I will go ahead and put it in our podcast doc! Then the coaches will have a chance to get to it at the end of the pocast. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for watching! :+1:


Hi, started mid volume half-tri plan - not used to riding sweet spot for so many sessions back to back. Although I can complete sessions does it necessarily mean is should do them, if Im carrying fatigue through the week. Thanks, Matthew


Assume I’m already getting adequate sleep, nailing nutrition, and completing all TR workouts in the AM. I’m going to have an extra 1 - 2 hours every afternoon for the next few months. What’s the most efficient use of that time if raising FTP is my only goal? Z1&2 rides?



I’m following a low volume olympic tri plan and feel that I could do more bike workouts.
I like the flexibility offered by the LV plan and I am therefore considering sticking with it and adding a third workout when I can (I cannot ride every weekend).

What would be the best approach :

  • replacing the whole week by the corresponding MV plan week when I know I can do all 3 workouts
  • adding the -2 version of the 3rd MV workout to my LV plan
  • adding any endurance workout for easy TSS
  • other ?

Considering that adding workouts to my LV plan will mess with the designed continuous and progressive grind in TSS of the plan, can this harm my progression in any way ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Jonathan, what is it your doing before or while driving to activate your glute’s?


Ideal set up for this :ok_hand::100:

Highlight of the week. Keep up the good work!


Glute bridges (especially single legged glute bridges) are very effective for glute activation!

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Hey, thanks for answering my question on the podcast about being a ‘blank slate’. I feel very inspired to try a bunch of new racing this year and plan to try multiple disciplines to see if I can find a way to improve in each.

Anyways, I want some follow-up advice. Coming out of Sweet-spot base II, what progression should I try moving forward? My strengths lie in sustained power but I really lack sprinting and short duration power. Would I be suited to a do general build plan, or should I work specifically on short power build? Additionally, should I do any specialization blocks, or alternate base/build/base/build?

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How to Ride Confidently in Crosswinds

I like cross winds, it can thin a field out, hurts everyone and becomes a mental game. Riding on windy days IRL helps a lot, how to lean, soft hands, reaction times. My only rules is when the wind is over 40kmhr I wont go out. I will race in windy conditions though.

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I really enjoy Pete being on the show. Such a self effacing sense of humour. The story of him raiding the petrol station while Jonathan paces - probably Isle of Man glute activation style - made me laugh.


I think Pete is just brutally honest. His New Year resolutions kinda showed that.


Are you using a computer? If so how do you have Zwift and TR up at the same times?


Either two ant+ dongles via computer. Ant+ and bluetooth via computer. Or zwift via ant+ and TrainerRoad controlled via phone (ant+) / iPad (bluetooth)
if your powermeter can’t connect to bluetooth you use ant+ on computer for zwift and run TR on phone. Otherwise you need 1 ant+ dongle for each app run through pc

During the Podcast, @ambermalika mention the bicep muscle. Has anyone located or managed to ‘activate’ this muscle? Asking for a friend.