Stage Race Pro Tips, Long Distance Training, Muscle Activation and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 240

it also refers to not tapering into the race, so you’d still have a hard workout on tuesday, another hard or moderate one on wednesday (depending where in the training cycling you are), endurance thursday, and just take friday off to train for the race. You are “training through”.
Does that help?


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Can someone share videos of good glute activation exercises? Find it a bit difficult o simply do the isle of man move :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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I’ve done an internet search using “glute activation” or “glute exercise” and learned about more options than I can ever use. I figure if I have 2-4 routines that I use consistently (and correctly) I’ll accomplish what I want. I cull out much of what I see since its over my head, makes unrealistic promises, or is being pushed by someone insisting I need to I buy their “fountain of youth miracle”. I’ve also found that for whatever reason, certain routines more easily/readily generate the desired activation than others so they go on the “keeper” list. (The number in my screen name signifies my birth year so I can confirm there ain’t no fountain of youth. Just hit the floor, old guy, and get after it!)


Walk up stairs while sticking your backside backwards and leaning forward. That’ll activate your glutes and you’ll then recognize the feeling right away when you try replicate on the bike.

@Pete as someone who is also fond of food, you had mentioned you had cleaned up your diet and now just eat healthy stuff. What do you find helps feeling full? Struggling with the same issue, and even with quality food the quantity thing always means extra and unneeded calories.

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@Jonathan Strangely 200 glutei activations while driving is difficult. My speed kept going up and down with my glute :grinning: