Missing the end of a plan

Hi all,

I was getting to the final 2 weeks of ssb 2 low volume when my wife was taken unexpectedly ill. The result of this is I’ve missed the last 2 weeks of scheduled workouts (last full week and recovery week). If I were to follow my original plan my next workout would be my ramp test for the build phase at the start of next week but I feel like if I do this then I’ll be very flat coming in and not perform to my full potential so I’m thinking of shifting things round. I can see two options:

I could push things by one week, do the workouts that would have been the recovery week next week and then the ramp test the week after, or I could push by 2 weeks and do all the workouts I missed at the end of ssb lv2 before going into build.

So what’s everyone’s option on what is best? Stick with what’s originally planned, push by 1 week or push by 2? I don’t have an event planned for next year so I’ve no deadline on completing my plan. All thoughts appreciated!