SSMV 2 gone wrong

How do i tackle this…

Started SSBMV 1 back in october, finished it without a problem, got a 22 watts bump. Started SSBMV 2. Got Little bit of trouble at those long SS workouts. Took aprox 2 weeks off the plan ( did some endurance workouts here and there ) for Christmas and New year. In January i restarted the SSBMV 2 but seems like the ftp is a little high now due to a cold that i got.

Now i am forced to take a 1-2 weeks off the bike ( doctor says… ), to heal fully.

I’m in the 3rd week of SSBMV2 with a couple of workouts failed ( could not complete then fully ). Plan was to lower ftp by 10, and see how it goes.

What is the most viable option i have in your opinion after i come back from illness?


Take plenty of time to rest and recover. Maybe do a couple of super easy rides once you feel like you’re ready to go again. Restart SSB2 including the ramp test


Start over with Plan Builder once you’re recovered. You’re not that far into SSB2, and you’ll need to retest anyway. (There’s a support article with some general principles.)


Doc wants you to take 2 weeks off for a cold? It must be a nasty one.

I think if you aren’t super weak, don’t have a fever, and feel up to it you could do low intensity zone 2 work to keep aerobic fitness until you can jump back into a plan and do intensity.

The usual advice is that if a cold is above your throat then you can ride. A running nose won’t kill you. Sore throat - take it easy. If you have lung issues, muscle aches, fever then do what the doc says.


If you’ve been advised by your doctor to take time off then I would listen. Perhaps they’re being overly cautious, perhaps not.

I’m sure you could see someone else if you wanted a second opinion but I don’t think it’s best to get a second opinion via the Internet.