Considering skipping Rest Week due to "forced" rest week from illness

Hello, I just completed Week 5 of SSB1MV with the rest week on tap for this week. However, while completing the Week 4 workouts, I came down with a nasty cold that resulted in me skipping the last two workouts of that week and replacing with a short endurance workout, so the planned TSS of 391 was reduce to a TSS of 208. The cold extended into the next week resulting in another relatively low TSS of 173. With the cold behind me, I was able to redo Week 4 the following week and then completed Week 5 last week. Since I’ve already had a few “forced” rest weeks to get over my cold during SSB1MV, I don’t feel it necessary to take another rest week before starting SSB2MV, but am wondering what others have done in a similar situation?


yeah keep trucking, but just be aware that the rest wasn’t fully muscular rest, but recouping from being sick, so maybe take the next rest a week earlier if needed. Listen to the body for sure.

Good luck!