SSBLV1 Z2 modification

Hi all, hope you’re all good.

I’m planning a bit of a comeback (2 years in the making following a lengthy misdiagnosed knee injury, now thankfully on the mend). I used to be 4.5 w/kg, I’m guessing with all the missed training I will be in the high 3s now.

Keen to sensible, I’m going to start with low volume.

As I have really missed cycling, I am keen for one of the rides to be a long outside ride. My proposed structure for the initial low Vol ssb1 would be…

Tue - The Tuesday SSB LV1 1hr sweetspot as prescribed

Thur- The Saturday SSB LV1 workout 1.5 he

Sat - 3 hour z2 outside

Does this sound like a productive modification? Perhaps do Tuesday and Thursday as the plan proposes and swap the prescribed 1.5hour ride for the outside ride?

Any tips etc, I’d hugely appreciate it!


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Sounds sensible to me. Time spent building a base is never wasted.

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Sounds like a solid approach to me! The LV plans with some outdoor endurance rides are a great balance IMO and allow you to be a bit more flexible, which I think probably has some advantages both in terms of enjoyment and figuring out where you’re at.
Only thing I’d say is if you’ve been off the bike entirely it might be worth establishing frequency and volume before you get too structured- but with your prior level of fitness you probably have a good handle on that!

Best of luck- enjoy getting back out there :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks both. Looking forward to getting back out there. Regarding frequency and volume, that is a great point. Thankfully I can do that unstructured part over 4 weeks in December and around the Christmas break and come back swinging in the new year.