SSBHV1 to SSBMV2(with some extra volume)

Just wondering if anyone has gone from SSBHV1 to SSBMV2(with some extra volume) to get the potential benefits of the above threshold work the MV plan has to offer.

no…I did HV base 1 and 2 a couple of years ago - there is quite enough above threshold work in build - especially SPB to mean you don’t need to go for it to early…that said I now do my own hybrid of MV with the o/u at the weekend and 75mins SS in the week as I have about 8-9 hours available so am between volumes really.


Thanks for the info, I just started ssbhv today and it does seem to make sense to essentially follow the plan but I will on occasion likely add a little volume as I have the time

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