Repeating Plan, Back to SSBHV1 or SSBHV2?

I’m currently in the 2nd half of GBHV, having completed SSBHV1&2, starting to think about what’s next and I’m looking at SSBHV 1&2 again and I’ve searched and noticed chat about repeating but not doing SSBHV1 as it’s an “intro”, but also mentions of SSBHV2 being effectively a “pre build” plan, so I’m not sure which to head back to. I’m very conscious I don’t want to skimp on base, but also don’t want to waste time that could better be spent elsewhere. Would appreciate any thoughts on the best sequence to repeat, current plan is SSBHV1, SSBHV2, GBHV, repeat.

I’ve discounted a Speciality phase simply because I’ve no event this year I care enough about to structure the training towards and I’ve no need to be on peak form any particular time this year. The goal is simple, increase FTP for an event early next year, there are no intermediate goals of note other than “get faster”, neither motivation nor time for HV training are an issue.

Any thoughts welcome :slight_smile:

As you say ssbhv1 is kind of intro but it doesn’t mean you dont get benefits from it. So if you have time and dont have coming event you can mix it with ssb2. Skipping some weeks on the first plan. Some people did it on here and shared it as far as I remember.

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