SSB MV which weekend ride outside?

Was wondering what weekend workout do you guys take out for an outside ride? I was thinking I should do the Saturday ride since it tends to be a little harder On the other hand Sunday’s ride has more of a muscular endurance component to it which might be more beneficial for a duathlete. Main focus is raising FTP over the coming months.

Saturday is too focused for outdoor efforts.

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take a look at the weekly tips, for example week 4 of SSB-1 MV has this to say (I’ve bolded the Sunday tip):

Week Description

Week 4 brings a distinctly greater focus to enhancing your ability to drive the pedals without succumbing to fatigue as early as you used to. Put another way, you’ll see more Sweet Spot intervals meaning a greater emphasis on muscle endurance. Outside of that, you’ll find your usual midweek aerobic-endurance spin as well as your brutal but effective Saturday standby, over-unders.

A couple of possible options for a longer, slower Sunday ride are Koip or Conness.


While your Target power is important and should be kept within narrow constraints, try to approach over-under intervals with as much attention to your body as your power numbers. When you’re “over”, you’ll be intentionally but lightly flooding your muscles. When you’re “under”, only allow yourself to back off just enough to gradually clear that flooding.

A long aerobic outside ride on Sunday is a good option.

I do my Sunday ride outside
A lot easier for me to do these out doors as I get extremely bored with low intensity