Onto Sustained Power Build

So getting ready to start MVSP and my question is this:
Ditch recovery ride and the Sunday for outdoors as long as I keep them similar in what their intent is in the plan. Recovery just as is and the Sunday ride looks to be the one I can replace with a long outdoor ride that I manage to keep my TSS and avg power on target with the TR workout. Asking because this I feel is the best fit to keep up my bike handling skills since I am a 50-100 mile mtb’er… and also maintain some quality saddle time.
The Sunday ride will be a 2-4 hour ride depending on how close I am getting to my races.


I made a HUGE jump in FTP during my SSTMV base plan. I already expect results to better than previous years as this is really the first season I have done dedicated training. I did LVSSB 1 last year just to do something and that helped tremdoulsy but that’s literally all I did besides 1 workout a week on the avg to maintain my fitness with outside rides.

My FTP has gone up 20 watts since December or whenever I started, but I still feel the weekend 3-5 hour fast group ride is key. I try to do these on Sunday when weather permits. Helps dial in my nutrition, pace, and handling. I’ll do the same when it is closer to xc season for me.
The TR plans are great, we are all time crunched, but gosh, the weekend long rides I feel do so much.

  • Partly semantics, partly a notable difference, the Wed rides are actual “Endurance Zone” rides, not “Active Recovery” rides.
  • We can discuss the real difference a bit more, but make sure to realize that the ones in the plan are NOT intended as a “recover ride”. They are deliberate Endurance zone work aimed at increasing weekly TSS.

Yea me using wrong lingo to blame here. I say recovery just because it helps my legs recover for the next day while getting beneficial work. So my bad there I do realize it is an endurance ride and that’s how I would untilize my time outdoors that day as well.

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