Sprint Triathlon Plan


I just finished my Sprint Tri Plan. I would like to compete for 6-8 more weeks. What are recommendations for training the next 8 weeks?

  1. Base?
  2. Build?
  3. Speciality?


Stretching fitness for other disciplines is usually done by repeating 2 or more weeks of the end of Specialty. The last 2 being taper to keep sharp, but low stress on race weeks.


I might be in the minority here, but a sprint is so short, I think you could get away with doing whatever you want to keep/add to your cycling skills…

Hi here,

Assuming you mean you’ve done base/build/speciality up to your A race, and you have a number of B races over the next 8 weeks?

There’s two approaches I would consider:

1 Rebuild
Retarget for the week 8 race as another A race.
Do the build plan again and the last four weeks of speciality.

2 Maintain
Replay speciality.

Either way you’ll have to juggle a bit where your races conflict with training.