Sports beer - electrolyte enhanced beer!

An acquaintance recommended this to me :rofl:

Could this be the holy grail - a recovery beer? Even perhaps an in-ride beer??
It is non-alcoholic after all…

Has anybody tried it?

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I want to hear @chad’s deep dive on this!

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Only 2g Carbs per 100ml though – you’d have to drink quite a few to hit that recovery target of 1-2g/kg or whatever it is :grimacing:

That’s the protein target😉

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This is categorically a solution to a problem that does not exist.

German team in Rio olympics 2016 had this type of beer shipped to Brazil by the pallet as far as I remember :sweat_smile:

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Erdinger have done an Alcohol Free isotonic beer for a few years now and it’s surprisingly good.

Very refreshing post ride and tastes convincingly beery.


Yes! I just bought a case of 12 more :beers:

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Yes they have been a sponsored/ partner for a lot of big events in the UK since 2017 - 2018.

Fred Whitton
L’etap Wales Dragon
Manchester Marathon.


In Belgium there is a true recovery beer - with 10 grams of protein.

It is not bad, but like most alcoholfree beers it is not really beer, more like a decent soda replacement.

Ooh good call, my brain was definitely too deep in schoolwork to realize that ha.

But 1-1.5g carb/kg bodyweight is also a recovery drink recommendation

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8g / kgs BW for carb recovery (per day).

“Training for 2 hours or more per day requires at least 3.6 grams of carbohydrate per pound (8 g/kg) of body weight per day.”

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During a GCN Tour de France chef interview he said the riders also drink NA beer too

I’ve tried non-alcoholic beer not too long ago. I have the desire to quit drinking, but in social situations, having something to drink seemed like it would make it easier. As far as the electrolyte thing, not sure about that, but I think non-alcoholic beer solves a problem if that is what you meant.

It’s marketed as "sports beer’. Non-alcoholic beer exists already and solves a problem that has existed and all is good there. Adding electrolytes to beer in order to market it as a “sports beer” is just super gimmicky and solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. If someone is finishing a big event, looking for refreshment but would prefer a non-alcoholic option and then feels that they need to also recover effectively with electrolytes at the same time, then heads need to be checked. Just have a regular non-alcoholic beer, and have some electrolytes or whatever proper recovery fuel they would typically use. Really.

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Just drink something that doesn’t have alcohol.

If people are bothered by you not drinking alcohol, you are in the wrong company and need to leave.

I poured a pickleback into my ‘recovery beer’ the other day and got absolutely DRAGGED for it. Fighting for my life out here. :smiling_face_with_tear: :rofl:


Athletic brewing makes solid NA beer

No one has any issue but me. I like beer, so drinking beer is something I would be tempted to do. Having non-alcoholic beers makes it easier to make the choice to not drink real beer.

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Pardon me but can I have a translation for pickleback please?