Specific question about racing during build

Hi all,

I’m sure there are loads of threads about this (apologies), but I’m really not sure how to combine racing with the build phase I’m in.

So, next Saturday, I’m going to be doing a 50 mile TT (first competitive ride since 2015! :grimacing:) which lands in week seven of the MV sustained power build.

I usually train Tues/Weds and Fri/Sat/Sun, with the Sat/Sun rides moved to Tues/Weds and vice versa. So, this would mean:

Tues: Picket Guard
Weds: Tallac +4
Fri: Some sort of opener session
Sat: race
Sun: ??? (REALLY don’t fancy doing Shortoff +4 or Stromlo +4 the day after a race)

However, Tallac +4 seems a pretty hardcore session and, combined with Picket Guard, might leave my legs totally banjaxed for Sat.

What do people think? How would you organise it given my training days (which I can’t move around unfortunately)?

Also, can anyone recommend a good opener session?

Thanks in advance,