Special Guest: MTB Pro Alex Wild – Ask a Cycling Coach 269

MTB Pro Alex Wild joins the team to discuss how he balances riding pro MTB and a full-time job, how he uses analytics to improve every aspect of his mountain biking ecosystem from equipment to nutrition and training, a breakdown of Alex’s setup with the new Specialized Epic and more in Episode 269 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Episode Notes:


@Tucker, There is no “Download” option for this cast on Soundcloud. Can you add that back in so we can save the full file?

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Thanks for letting me know about that. You should be good to go now!


Anyone know Nate and Jonathon’s raw ftps? Just to compare to Alex’s 410

Nate is 371w now.
Jonathan is 307w now.

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As a xc nerd this was my favorite episode ever


Talk about putting down some food! Good stuff all around!

Really enjoyed this episode :slight_smile:

Plus it’s great justification so I can convince my significant other that I need a big bike


And conveniently, Spesh just released a “budget” play bike in the form of the new Status.

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Me too and I was just about to post a thread trying to figure out the best bike for someone new to the bike park/gravity game.

I guess @mcneese.chad has provided Option #1 below…


It never gets old

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Did anyone else have sound problems with this episode? Probably just my internet connection but it was very patchy for Jonathan, Nate and Alex.

To me it’s more like a high pitched whine - I’ve tried it both on Spotify and Google Podcast and same issue. It started in the last episode (268), before then everything was fine.

Great podcast by the way!

I watched on YouTube with no issues

“Our Status 160 (in size S3) weighs in at 16.3kg (35.9lb).”

That’s a beefy bike. Probably indestructible.

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As someone that’s raced road and MTB, it’s a bit of a heartstopper to look at the weights on these bikes, lol. Grams don’t seem to be a priority for the gravity crowd. :v:t4:

Anyone else now looked at ICE Friction? having used MSW for years I started looking at ICE. Interestingly you have to buy their chains, unlike MSW where you can buy the wax and speed powder and or their chains.

So Alex said that what ever kj he burns on his bike ride, he divides it by 4 and adds it to carbs in grams. Quote “a 1600kj ride would be 600g of carbs” Did he miss speak or get the total wrong? I assume he’s referring to 1g is 4 kcal and actually meant to say 400g of carbs. 400 x 4 is 1600

He eats 200 baseline IIRC