Special Podcast Guests: Ask Your Questions!

Hey all!

We are headed to Sea Otter tomorrow and we are planning on recording 3 podcasts and a whole bunch of race analysis footage for y’all while we are there. For two of those podcasts in particular, I’d like your help! I would love for y’all to submit some questions for the following people:

Ali “The Queen of Kanza” Tetrick
Ali is one of the best endurance racers in the country and she somehow manages to always be a threat at the always crazy DK200.

We plan on covering all things Kanza, gravel and to take a look at performance through the lens of women’s racing. Ali digs into the details as much as us nerds, so training, nutrition, pacing, equipment, (even team tactics in gravel), etc. are all on the table!


The Stans-Pivot Pro Team pb Maxxis (Chloe Wooodruff, Rose Grant, Sofía Gomez Villafañe and Keegan Swenson)
Chloe is a past national champion, Rose is a multi-time national champion, Sofía is the current XCO and STXC national champion of Argentina, and Keegan is one of, if not the best male American XC racer with yet another win at the Aguascalientes UCI C1 XCO this past weekend.

They are amazingly streamlined and professional in their approach to training, nutrition, and the logistics and execution of racing. We have a ton to learn from them!

We can cover all things XC with this team. Whether it’s XCO, XCM, questions about specific Epic Rides races, training, nutrition, equipment, recovery, lifestyle hacks, etc.


Got any vexing questions (simple or complex) you’d like to ask Ali or the Stans-Pivot team? Reply to this thread with your question I’ll make sure we ask them this week!

– Jonathan


For Ali:

  • What motivates you these days? You’ve been visible in a lot of different areas, including TBIs, general health, and obviously a powerhouse on the gravel scene. What are you looking forward to over the next few years?

For Keegan:

  • How do you prioritize all of the different type of training you do and manage fatigue and stress? Between strength, core, training, travel, racing, and recovering it’s a lot to take in.

For Sofia:

  • What has been the aspect of your riding that you’ve focused on the most recently?
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What’s your favourite cookie

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There’s an ongoing thread on this forum about women training, menstrual cycles, how our physiology differs from mens and related matters. I’d love to hear the input of the women on this. We heard a lot of good stuff from @ambermalika when she was on the podcast and I bet these very accomplished female riders have a lot of insight as well.


This one is geared towards Chloe: How did you deal with the stress of university/writing your bachelors and training/racing. I am myself close to graduating and funny enough stress and uncertainty management seem to be more demanding than I would have thought.

To anyone, if you could go back and make one change to how your trained earlier in your race career what would it be?

Thanks boys

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Good call Scheherazade
I realise this won’t be within any of the female riders experience, but the menapouse significantly affects the immune system. This is something I’m tackling at the moment.
I would welcome any links/ connections to advice on this if they have any.

How to train to maintain pace over a 12 hour mixed pairs xc race (female aged 52)

Have you ever seen the mythical sea otter?


For Rose. How did she deal mentally with her recent injury and how did her training change when returning from injury. Also, how does she balance training and race travel with family time?

For Chloe, Prescott is one my favorite places. I’d love to hear her perspective on the local trail development and how the community has embraced mountain biking tourism.


Can Ali just provide any general Gravel World tips? Thanks!

+1 @Scheherazade!

For Ali, I read your article in Bicycling Magazine (I think it was in there) a while back and it was very inspiring. I understand your crashes moved you away from road racing, but what drew you to gravel, dirt, and the long distance stuff? (Also, I’ve ridden with you like once or twice out in the Thousand Oaks area, I think it was a WW ride, I was starstruck :laughing: )


What’s their favourite places to ride?

Oddly, reading the Alison Tetrick article in Bicycling made me get back into structured training after a number of years out due to a life and marriage breakdown. I realised what I’d been through was actually nothing compared to physical set back and that trying to be a better version of myself every day was something worth going for. Would just appreciate a thank you to her from me and ask what motivates and inspires her these days? How far ahead in her career is she looking? How often does she evaluate where she is at?

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Thanks for all off the suggestions so far!

We recorded with Ali already and it was awesome! I’m going to do my best to get it published by EOD tomorrow, but our schedules are pretty complex this week. Worst case scenario, they will be up on Monday.

For the Stans-Pivot Team, Sofía got 4th, Chloe got 6th, Rose got 11th and Keegan got 5th in the stacked UCI HC fields here at Sea Otter!

I am recording with them tonight. Any other questions for the Stans-Pivot team?