Pro Tips, Fatigue Management, Sweat Loss, and More with Alex Wild – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 461

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(0:00) Welcome!
(7:57) How to deal with bad start positions
(13:48) Balancing a career with pro racing
(19:33) What causes “bad days” on the bike?
(22:33) Do pros take time-off mid-season?
(29:27) How to decide when to pace yourself or not
(34:05) Managing a disappointing race result
(39:13) Late-season fatigue management
(40:50) How to figure out how much sweat you lose
(46:15) Why weighing yourself after training isn’t a good sweat test
(47:11) Alex’s nutrition strategy
(49:14) Bike setup tips for the Epic World Cup



Great Geek Out Podcast with Alex.

Best line in the show “Salt Lick Levels of Sodium Loss” :rofl:

As a rider that has sodium citrate on subscribe & save, I can relate. Yeah I need to replace the lost sodium, but am running out of places to put it.

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