Something that worked for me for brain fog, confusion

Just a tip I discovered for those “chronologically challenged”.

I’m 53 now. I started to notice more and more brain fog, confusion, etc.

What I’ve started to do is to take 24 oz of water with a hint of electrolyte first thing in the morning. Holy crap did that make a difference to my alertness. Like going from a 40 watt light bulb to a 100 watt. Even more than coffee.

I researched it after and found that aging people are more sensitive to mental alertness associated to dehydration.

While I am sure this is a “duh” for some, it was a very good reminder to me and also calling it out to us older guys/gals as particularly important.


Yep, I do 500ml with electrolytes and BCAA. Also helps wake up the digestive system in the morning too. :poop:

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Put your electrolytes/sodium in your coffee. It’s a win win!

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Yeah, don’t need any help with that, thanks :cold_sweat: :toilet:

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