Tiredness and elektrolytes/sodium intake

Hello guys,

I was wondering if theres any risk in taking elektrolytes/sodium tabs in a bottle everyday, eventhough i dont train everyday.

My reason for this is, for the last couple of years since my crash, where i got a concusion ive been tired everyday, also even if i get like 8-10 hours sleep a night. Lately i found that when i drink a bottle with elektrolytes in the morning, im not as tired as im used to? I have no idea why, but thats just the case.

Ive been struggling alot with cramps too, and after i found GU Hydrations drink tabs, i really need to push hard and long before getting cramps too.

I think i sweat alot of sodium, and these tabs are the first one i get with more sodium in it.

Anyways - is there any risk in taking a tabs each morning, or?

It might be the magnesium in the electrolytes that’s leading to a reduction in your tiredness. Google magnesium/tiredness/fatigue/energy production and see if you think it’s worth considering taking a magnesium supplement.

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Thanks, however - before discovering this I actually did and do take magnesium on the side.

If you don’t have prehypertension or hypertension, there is no risk. And if added sodium solves your issues, go for it. Common among endurance folks and heavy sweaters like myself.

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Taken to the extreme…Meniere’s can result from too much sodium intake. Sounds far fetched but I’ve seen it happen.

I just checked some SaltStick tabs…they’re 100mg Na per tab…I don’t think there is any material risk if what you’re taking is on the order of 100mg extra per day.

Mostly…if it’s a profound quality of life improvement…I say keep doing it. Chronic concussion issues can be a real burden. I wish you the best!

I should know, if I had problems like that yea? Its not something that i wouldnt know? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m understanding questions correctly, yes, your docs should alert you. But they may not. 120/80 blood pressure is ideal. Lower is great. Higher is not great. Your kidneys (and probably other organs!) will thank you for asking your doc what yours is.

Generally, increasing sodium content to match sweat losses doesn’t have a big effect on BP.

But, if you have 130/85, it usually is worth not doing anything that might further increase it, even marginally. Certainly if you’re >140/90 it’s worth treating that.

FYI: I had 130-140/80-90 for years and my docs never said a peep (and they should have). I’m not sure if it was because they knew I knew I was making some life tradeoffs in training for bobsled (ie. doing no cardio, and eating sufficiently to maintain 225 pounds at 6’1"), or out of laziness.

So… it’s worth asking.