Tiredness and elektrolytes/sodium intake

Hello guys,

I was wondering if theres any risk in taking elektrolytes/sodium tabs in a bottle everyday, eventhough i dont train everyday.

My reason for this is, for the last couple of years since my crash, where i got a concusion ive been tired everyday, also even if i get like 8-10 hours sleep a night. Lately i found that when i drink a bottle with elektrolytes in the morning, im not as tired as im used to? I have no idea why, but thats just the case.

Ive been struggling alot with cramps too, and after i found GU Hydrations drink tabs, i really need to push hard and long before getting cramps too.

I think i sweat alot of sodium, and these tabs are the first one i get with more sodium in it.

Anyways - is there any risk in taking a tabs each morning, or?

It might be the magnesium in the electrolytes that’s leading to a reduction in your tiredness. Google magnesium/tiredness/fatigue/energy production and see if you think it’s worth considering taking a magnesium supplement.

Thanks, however - before discovering this I actually did and do take magnesium on the side.