How do you get up in the early mornings without caffeine?

Those of you who don’t drink caffeine, what do you do to help yourself get up on those early morning rides? I’ve been struggling already the past couple of months still telling myself “tomorrow will be better” and it’s not even into the winter yet. I don’t drink caffeine except on extremely rare occasions and would prefer to not drink it in the morning.

I don’t think it helps too much that I am living in a small apartment with my wife and son, so my “trainer room” is my kitchen floor and table, but still looking for any advice if anyone doesn’t drink caffeine but still gets up for those early morning workouts. Thanks in advance!

I don’t use caffeine and the three things that help me get up at 5 are keeping my phone away from the bed so I have to get up to turn it off, going to bed earlier, and then it sounds broad but just being mindful of why I’m getting up that early (training won’t happen if I don’t).

Takes maybe 15 to feel ok on the trainer but afterwards it’s just like a regular workout

If it is a time issue then I would just take a caffeine pill. If it is a desire to avoid all stimulants then you are a completely foreign creature to me and I don’t know how to relate.


I set my alarm for 6am, and give myself 5-10 minutes to look at my phone and adjust to being awake, and then get up, weigh myself, bathroom, change, and get on the trainer. I just establish a routine and stick to it. Maybe there are some mental gains to be had by sucking it up a little.

It doesn’t stop sucking for me, I’d much prefer to do my workouts after work as far as motivation and willingness to complete, but that comes with a whole host of downsides that I have less control over, so I’m opting to suffer a little more and workout in the morning.

Go to bed earlier

I wake up without an alarm at around 4 or 430 and am on the bike shortly thereafter, no coffee. Sometimes tea, sometimes caffeine from a gel during the warm up

If you aren’t getting enough sleep you’re hurting your training in multiple ways

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Out of curiosity, are you the type of person who doesn’t touch their phone within X hours before bedtime either? Or do you just make sure it’s away from the bed before you lay down?

I like the idea of just being mindful of why you’re getting up. I guess I need to remind myself “If I want it, I want it”

Definitely something I have to work on. I strive for 7-8 hours per night, but it often ends up interrupted if something comes up like an assignment due for school , or the baby waking up in the middle of the night (recently broke his leg which completely disrupted the once beautiful sleep routine we had). Thinking I just need to commit to this a bit more. Thanks for the reply

cold water.
Assuming you’re getting enough sleep (more on that shortly) a drinking glass of cold water should do the trick for helping you wake up. Even a splash of cold water on the face can be enough of a shock to the CNS to get you alert.

If you’re not getting enough sleep no amount of stimulant or other products are going to make you feel great. They may mask some things, but over time you’ll just continue digging into a hole. If you address the sleep part, and develop a routine for getting up, should solve itself.

Personally i used to struggle with early AM workouts up to as recently as 10mths ago. I started going to bed a bit earlier, which made getting up at 4:50am a little more tolerable, and now have a routine dialed in. The funny thing is, as i continue to refine the routine the bedtime thing has become almost second habit. I used to be a night owl (midnight/1am) now i am longing for bed at 9:15pm.

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My data point…

During the week, I hit the trainer around 5:30am for about an hour. After that I get cleaned up, and usually have a hefty cold brew with breakfast, but I’ll nurse it for an hour.

During the work day, I’ll usually have another similar coffee or energy drink, but I stop caffeine by 2.

I go to bed, phone in hand, usually around 9 with lights out around 9:30.

Maybe I’m lucky, but the phone doesn’t bother me getting to sleep, and I don’t feel a need for caffeine until well after my ride.

So no real advice, but that’s how I roll.

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I get up at 4:15am everyday after going to bed between 8:30-9:30 almost nightly. At this point it’s just a routine to get up, brush my teeth and get on the trainer and riding by 4:30. I don’t drink or eat anything beforehand or while on the bike. I’ll drink coffee on my drive in to work afterwards but that’s purely because I like coffee not because I need the caffiene. I think if you convince yourself to just get in a routine it’ll eventually become easier but that’s my two cents.

Drink coffee…problem solved. :slight_smile:


Could put some cold brew in your bottle the night before:coffee:

All good comments above, but sometimes even with the best intentions you might wake up and just think, “no”. And that’s fine, just not all the time!

I’ll sometimes be on for 5 or 10 in bed before getting up, plugging it in elsewhere and then laying back down. The benefit for me since I don’t have trouble falling asleep just comes from needing to actually get out of bed to turn off my alarm in the morning.

I don’t workout in the morning but I get up early. I got one of these light alarm clocks a couple years ago as a gift and it really does help get me up and moving on time on those dark mornings. It simulates a sunrise and really does help you wake up. (Didn’t realize it was this expensive - I might have to send another thank you note).

My guess is this $49 one would perform the same.

For me, go to bed early. Waking up tired is hard. Working out tired, is even harder.

I do have caffeine, but only after my workout, on the drive into work.

I don’t understand the question…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  • set everything out for the next day - kit, gloves, hat, water bottles filled, etc. so all obstacles are removed.
  • drink extra water before bed - if you GOTTA get up, you will
  • reward yourself - have some candy, pastry, caffeine free tea, just reward yourself and give your mind something to anticipate.
  • if its cold - have your favorite socks or slippers accessible so your feet never touch cold tile
  • dont let your mind get too far into the day as you lay in bed - you are not starting a long day or doing a hard workout, YOU ARE JUST PUTTING ON SOCKS, that’s it.

I drink coffee but that is normally later in the day. Caffeine doesn’t give me any noticeable change in energy or impact my sleep.

I just find if your properly rested I have no trouble getting up at the time I am aiming to get up for.