Some new workouts dont have extendable cooldowns

Haw Knob and Snowshoe Fire, both VO2, have extendable warmups, but cooldowns arent. Is this intended?

I’m sure I saw a response to a similar question somewhere from support that there’s no option to extend cool downs when the last interval is above 50%. Bit of an annoying requirement really

I think it was here:

I tend to agree that a new feature may be useful: allow extend “workout” on any workout :slight_smile:


Emerson+2 was the opposite. I couldn’t extend my warm up :hot_face::rofl:.

Passing this along to the team, thanks!

The feature to extend any workout could just be, remove the restriction not to extend workouts above 50% of FTP, or, update all the workouts that look like the below. It is not the norm for TR workouts not to have a ramp down at the end. These drop to 59% and then just end that way, without a cool down. I think any of those three solutions could work. I’m not sure if this is limited to just these types of 5 minute VO2 workouts or not, but several I’ve done in this block are like this.