Feature Request: Allow Extending Warmups and Cooldowns for ALL workouts

I’m sure this was some legacy idea that had good intentions, but it is pretty annoying to have TrainNow suggest a workout that starts or ends at 55%+ which triggers some code to not allow extensions to either the warmup or cooldown. Please just remove this code. There is no need to restrict when we can extend warm ups and cooldowns. I often extend both and frequently ride above 55% during those phases so the feature is not useful in my opinion.


Agreed. I have done a handful of workouts, usually the short ones assigned around a taper phase, that lack the ability to extend WU or CD. It’s annoying because you don’t have any prior indication of the limitation and get ‘stuck’ with a hard start or short end.

I would like the limitations removed ideally. If that’s not practical or possible, at least add some indication to any workouts with the limitations, so I can plan ahead and do a separate WO a/o CD as needed.