Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

Original it right in the middle. I think 1.0

Any update on this?

Workout pauses for no reason after about 30 minutes

Version: 2021.18.0.91976
Installed on: iPad 12.9” (2018), iOS 14.5.1
Connected devices: Quark DZero power meter, Wahoo Tickr heart rate strap

For the last three workouts my workout suddenly paused after roughly 30 minutes. I do not know if there is any significance to it, but it could be 30 minutes after my power meter has woken up. I did not experience any power meter drop outs or so, it just pauses and I have to manually continue.

Definitley get in touch with support (support@trainerroad.com) on that one. Sorry for the trouble!


email sent. Thanks for the quick response :+1:

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Hi Brian! Have you got that issue fixed? I had to switch interval sounds at my last workout since music was stopping as well, so was curious if there is another way to fix it?

I’m on v 2021.21.0 (91978). When I go into train now, it recommends an endurance workout. If I open the workout duration selection box and click any duration (including the one I’m already on), it refreshes and then recommends something else such as “Climbing”.

If I close the app and re-open it, it goes back to Endurance and I can repeat the process to get a Climbing recommendation.

Is this expected behavior?

App keeps crashing when trying to switch workout Matanuska to Outside.
Switched it on website to Outside, but now the app isn’t loading anymore (black fading screen hangs).
Switched it back via website to Inside and app is loading again.

App version : 2021.21.0.91978

Can you get in touch with support@trainerroad.com about this? The team will want to check out the full scope of your devices and versions to see whats up! Thanks in advance.

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Yesterday I did another workout. The instruction text was behind the summary segment text. So I missed important cadence instructions. Please guys, any fix for this? It’s so annoying!

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Yeah, this has bugged me for a while. If I’m remembering correctly the previous version put the segment summaries in the status bar where devices and the intensity % are so the instructions displayed fine.

What a nice surprise today when i opened the beta app! Alternate workouts is live in de beta IOS app!!
Great job guys!


Calendar isn’t showing the ‘productive/achievable/etc’ levels for future workouts. Using Chrome to access the website.

And its also showing the right progression level, which I was always searching all the time (right kind of workout/right progression level)! What is left for me (and then you can keep me out of the beta) is the tag whether its achievable, productive, stretch etc.!

Nice one!

Ramp Test today, 338 → 343 but the screen shows it as a 0.2% improvement. Shouldn’t it be 5/338 = approx 1.5%?

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Sorry for the confusion, but also thanks for reporting this. Definitely a bug! The team is working on it currently. :+1:

Not sure if this is a bug or if this is the best place to report it but I noticed at the end of “Monterey” there was no option to extend cooldown.

Hey! Workouts only have ‘Extend Cooldown’ options if the final cooldown interval is less than 50% intensity (which Monterey is not at 60%!). Cheers.

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App version: 2021.30.0.91988

In the warm up to my morning workout I experienced a lot of fluctuation in the power measurement. I paused the workout and reset my iPad’s Bluetooth, which seemed to fix the fluctuation. Then, immediately upon finishing I received a “Calibration Failed - Calibration timed out” error message.

Please reach out to the team at support@trainerroad.com. Your smart trainer may need a firmware update, there may be a bluetooth setting that needs to be looked into; any number of sources can cause this, but the team can help sort it out for you!