Sleeping a crazy amount during recovery week?

Hey everyone!
I ended up taking an unplanned recovery week this week as my LBS is super busy and estimated a ~7 day turnaround to service my bike. I also ran a solo marathon prior, so needed to take it easy on the running too.

Physically I feel fine, however I’ve been sleeping a consistent 12 hours a night for the last few days. I might expect that directly after a marathon, however this started a few days after. I’m not experiencing any of the other symptoms I typically associate with significant overreaching (mood swings, muscle soreness etc) and despite maintaining a pretty high training load (SSBHV+ running) this wasn’t a huge increase from my prior TSS and I felt that I was recovering well over the course of the plan.

Has anyone experienced something similar during a recovery week? I normally hear people having disturbed sleep as a result of overreaching too far, but I’m also wondering if the marathon might have hit me harder than I first thought. Or would I be better off investigating something like nutritional deficiencies?

Sounds Amazing…I wish


Having just had my recovery week last week, and having run a 6wk TSS avg of 630 and a final week of 930 TSS heading into recovery I could barely get out of bed most mornings, and was falling asleep at 830pm most evenings on the couch. I only just started to feel better yesterday

Sounds great, just soak up the recovery!!!