Identifying Fatigue or Illness

Basically I’m just wondering if this is normal for fatigue / if anyone has similar experiences. Not sure if it’s fatigue or if I have a virus lurking etc.

Doing SSB1 currently - FTP is probably a little low, feeling fine. Weekly TSS is half where it was in December.

Jan26 - Did an MTB ride with more experienced riders, slightly out of my depth. Only 130tss but MTB and going faster than I’m comfortable with so in real tSS terms that could be a bit closer to 200, but still nothing too crazy. (Possibly gave myself a bit of heat exhaustion and I didn’t fuel right either)

Next morning I could barely get out of bed, I’ve never felt so exhausted that I can remember.

Since then I’ve been back to feeling say 80-90% but I haven’t felt right - day 9 will be tomorrow.

Last week I did my regular workouts and felt relatively normal on the bike and did another easier MTB ride Saturday. The day after each workout I’ve still got that totally exhausted feeling.

I’ve now moved rest week forward to this week so basically a few recovery rides or just time off the bike altogether I guess.

Similar experiences?

I use resting heart rate and heart rate variability (both built-in on my Garmin watch). Easy to use and understand, and works better than my sense of fatigue despite having competed since i was 7 years old. But of course I gauge it with my sense of overall motivation and joy in working out.

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