TSS vs Sleep Relationship

For the last 6 months or so I’ve had a lot more control over my sleeping times and amounts than ever before. I’ve been noticing a strong correlation between TSS and sleep. For me it seems like it’s about a 1 TSS to about 0.6 min relationship. Call it an extra hour for a 100 TSS workout. I find when I can get that extra sleep my recovery is much better, I don’t feel buried, I’m not longing for a rest day. Overall the training plan stress feels long term sustainable as opposed to a 3 week gauntlet where I’m just barely surviving till the next easy week.

Just curious if this 1:0.6 is a N=1 thing or if others have observed a similar relationship?


I have struggled with sleep my entire adult life, almost assuredly exacerbated by spending 25 years in the Army. I would agree with your statements on sleep enabling a higher TSS, though my observations are not supported by any real data other than loosely reviewing my RPE and Fatigue statements (Kept in a journal and in notes in workouts) in conjunction with my sleep history (pillow app) and my TSS history (TR, TP, etc).

I mean its pretty well known that were chronically sleep deprived in the world today, and everyone including @chad are constantly harping the importance of sleep to recovery and thus to performance.

I’d like to see your and more numbers even if just for giggles.

No, I’m afraid not.

I sleep about five or six hours at most. Three or four if I’m worried about something.

Training makes me want to nap, so I might have a two hour kip at the weekend if I do a session then.


Totally, esp when it gets up to the ~150 TSS/1,500 Kj range.

One thing I have noticed is that I can handle max ~900 TSS/week when I’m not working and maybe max ~700 TSS/week when I am working. As above, I can take a solid 1 hour nap after a solid workout…they kinda frown on me napping at work… So if I’m doing a 900 week I might have a total of ~7 hours sleep a day = 1:0.5 TSS:Sleep.