Those rest week feels

Just finishing up a rest week after a two week loading cycle and am feeling hungry for the pain again tomorrow.


Been experimenting with % TSS drop on rest weeks and think I’ve finally got it nailed in at a level that works for me.

This time I did 854->886->542 and it seems to have worked pretty well

Prior cycle I did 800->854->653 and I don’t think I got quite enough rest in

Feeling good and ready to hit it tomorrow morning first thing!


Nice! I am slotting in a rest week this week as I’ve added a fair bit of volume to last 4 weeks. I struggle a bit with ensuring I add enough rest, but this time I’m committed to staying well within Z2 the entire week (no promises on volume coming down tons :p)

Hi, I used to over train to the point i was burning mussel tissue. I did not see training improvements, till i read eventually learnt about 1) active recovery during training weeks and 2) Having rest weeks. The idea of a rest week is to take away stress from you allow mussel adaption and get you ready for more had training. In Trainer road you will see the recovery rides are about 55% to 65 , max 70%. Recovery weeks can be seen as to easy for some, but as i say the idea is to allow you to train for another hard 3-5 weeks and finish all the training. Putting over 550 TSS in the recovery week seems a bit much.

How much TSS you do in a rest/recovery week depends on how much you are doing in the loading cycle. It represents about 60% of the TSS I had done the prior weeks, so it is a significant drop

What TSS do you do in your loading cycle and what TSS do you do in your rest/recovery week? Both the raw numbers and the % are relevant, but in my experience the % is more relevant

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I usually end up with still about 800tss on my off week but mainly because I tend to not really have them but more as mentioned on the podcast before I am fine with 3-4 easy days before I can hit it again and cycle through that.

Hi, I have just checked during base phase and Build phases, My TSS is 50% of the previous week. They do feel too easy, i always feel i should be doing more. I am still doing 5 training rides to keep the blood plasma volume levels at previous levels.

I made similar experiences. Last three build weeks had 700, 725, and 745 TSS for me. Rest week will be at around 400 TSS. Maybe a bit more if I cut the running.

50-60% of the work weeks seems to be a sweet spot. At least for me. Anyway, kudos on pushing 800 TSS weeks. Hope I am there by next year.