Skills Work with Lee McCormack

Hit the “GO” button for on-line skills training with Lee McCormack. I plan to incorporate his lessons into my TR low volume plan and get faster from two different directions.

I’ve been trying to get to Colorado for a skills clinic with him for a couple years and that is just not going to happen this year so Zoom and homework here we go.

Look out young dudes the Old Man is coming!


Just a quick shoutout for Lee. His clinics and knowledge on MTB skills are phenomenal. I’ve had the privilege of working with him and sidekick coach Kevin Stiffler several times. I still suck, but that’s not Lee’s fault. :laughing:

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Interesting timing. I was going to race Leadville but since that’s not happening, I’m going to still make a trip to CO. Rather than riding around Leadville I’m going to spend half a day with Lee and see what happens. I think you will make some good progress going to Zoom route. I am going to be there, so I figured, “what the heck?”

Enjoy and let us know how it goes.


Taking lessons was the best thing I ever did for my mountain biking. I’m way better now than ever. Also, Valmont bike park is awesome. When I went out there the plan was to do lessons with Lee in the mornings, have lunch then head out to trails to put the new knowledge into practice. Well, we forgot all about finding trails and went back to the park after lunch. I don’t know what I’d pay to have a place like that within an hour of me but its a lot.


Is there a place to just session corners? I don’t need giant banked corners. Flat corners or off camber is preferred for me. Just curious, thank you.

I would be very interested . Do I go to his website and find out how to do the online clinic there?
I heard theTR podcast with him, and was very impressed with what he talked about and how he explained it. Some things he said I`d never heard explained like that before. I would love to do a clinic of his, but not likely with me being in UK

Yes, on his website he has a section for remote coaching

Valmont Park was awesome and we actually worked on flat cornering in the paved cul de sac across the street but there are a number of places on dirt that you can session. Just be mindful of the other riders and give them the right-of-way. I did have one lady tell me I was going the wrong way when I was sessioning a drop with Lee.

The pump tracks there were a lot of fun and I was just on the easier ones.


There is a place to session anything. The skills range of this place is from balance bikes to huge jumps.

This was well worth the time. If you have the chance, take it.


Yay! Lee McCormack is the absolute best. Aside from being a completely kick ass athlete, he has amazing communication skills and so much understanding of how to get the most out of anyone. I could never say enough good things about his insightful application of his wealth of knowledge. He is also funny and fun. And he is so nice. He is just THE BEST.

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