Skills development coach in Boulder, CO?

Bit of a long shot. I recently relocated to the Boulder area and want to improve my bike handling skills (tight u turns, track stands, cornering and improving descending speed, etc.). I’m looking for a coach to work on skills development, not fitness

I tried to look for a coach on Google, but as expected, there are a thousand coaches here… hard to sift through good, better and best.

Anyone have any leads on an awesome coach who might fit this bill?

On a related topic, is this even necessary, or should I just get some knee pads, find an open parking lot and go nuts?

Pretty sure Lee McCormack of Lee Likes Bikes is in Boulder


Sure is! From what I can tell on his website, Lee seems MTB-focused, though, whereas I’m looking for road (not to say that he’s not competent at teaching road bike handling, which I’m sure he is).

Ben Sharp?

If you find anything online I’d love to see it