MTB Skills Clinic with Lee McCormack

Anyone done a skills clinic with Lee McCormack? I’m setting up the full day clinic for a group and just looking for a little more feedback and insight. Is it as good as they say it is? Thanks


I did his 3-day camp in Moab and it was awesome. I have a friend that wants to do it next year and I’d absolutely go back.


Would love to see him do training on the east coast.

I signed up for clinics twice in Texas and both were cancelled due to low interest. I think if you can show enough volume you might be able to get him (or one of his coaches) to come to you.

Ask Nate. He did one in Moab in October. I just looked. There’s an offering in May but it’s $900! for three days. I’m not sure i can stomach that cost. But one of Lee’s coaches is local to SLC so I may try that out.

We had him come to us in Myrtle Beach. I got 6-7 guys to commit. I can’t remember the exact price but I want to say $1800 for a full day session. I asked him recently about coming again. He said that his coaches are still traveling to put on these small group private classes. So, it can be done.

I have read the information you have distributed, and it is pretty similar to what software is using in the medical center my family doctor is working in. When I visit him, we speak a lot, and last time he said that they are using some new software for case management. He said it works as cloud storage, and the database can easily access a special password. Most of all, he likes that he doesn’t need to work with papers anymore. He decreased his work with peppers. He saved a lot of space in his cabinet because he doesn’t store the papers.

Look at Simply MTB its like $150 for a 2 hour session since you’re local to SLC