Videos to help with mtb skills/ inspire riding

At the moment we are not taking risks out on the trails and I’m aware that we can maintain and develop mtb skills by watching videos.
Could we share mtb video links here?
These could be instructional or just inspiring.

How about some homemade mtb rollers?

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GMBN (Global MTB network) on youtube is great. They have videos on just about every MTB topic from skills to tech to interviews with pros etc. Hosts are funny, top notch product

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TR did a podcast/video with Lee McCormack. This stuff was eye opening to me even though I’ve owned a mountain bike for 25+ years. I always approached mountain biking like road riding.


Honestly this is some of the best content I’ve seen. The entire series is fantastic but this one is a step above.

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Just loving this!!
Spot on for inspiration :smiley:

Lee is Awesome!!
I got a RipRow imported into the UK a couple of years back. It could well be a game changer this year.

I shall take a look :smiley: