Lee Likes Bikes Clinic - Experience & Feedback?

i know the trainerroad guys were stoked with their experience.

and thats enough to convince me. but i was curious to hear from others. do you have any experience you can share?

Hands down the best clinic and I’ve attended a few of them.

#1: They teach you, in concrete steps, the correct way to ride a mountain bike.

There is a right way and foundational steps and positions to do it. I think of it like playing other sports. There are foundational steps to teach someone to shoot a basketball, throw a baseball, serve a tennis ball. In general, good coaches teach those principles, positions, and mechanics. That is exactly what Lee does. Your feet, hands, weight, hips, eyes, etc. ARE SUPPOSED TO BE in this position and then you do this…, etc, etc.

I’ve been to some clinics where they have not thought through what the actual mechanics are and they are more wishy washy about what you’re supposed to do. When you are teaching people you need to be clear, concise, and concrete so the learner actually understands what you’re trying to teach them.

I highly recommend their clinics!! I’ve been twice BTW, once with my wife and it changed the way we ride.


Basically what @Bikeguy0 said. Lee does a clinic every week it seems in CO and his coaches are great as well. He knows his shit and he’s been very good and popular with these clinics before the TR guys mentioned him. His classes sellout fast and considering the cost and time - well worth it. It will single handily make you faster and much more so: confident.


thanks guys. even better responses than i was expecting.

thanks for informative detail.

Has anyone done the Online Lee Likes Bikes Membership and have feedback? I would assume its the same foundational fundamentals that you’d learn in the in person clinics, just that you don’t get the in person coaching/feedback/experience.

And/Or does anyone have other suggested/recommended quality online resources for learning the basics skills of MTB.

I’m a roadie with limited time/experience on MTB and want to build those skills correctly.