Single speed training

Can any of your training plans be used on single speed endurance bikes with power meters?

Done a lot of single speed riding for commuting, never had a power meter on that bike but have tried doing TR workouts using RPE and HR. Challenge is suitable terrain to allow you to hit the right kind of efforts without having gears. I.e. maintaining Sweetspot/Threshold level intensity can be pretty hard on even fairly gentle declines and conversely it’s very hard to stick to recovery watts when the road points up and you don’t have any granny gears. So you either need really flat routes or to align gradients well with intervals. I.e. gently rolling hills where you can do your intervals on the ascents and your recoveries on the descents.

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If you have a smart trainer with erg mode, then yea. If not, it’s not really gonna work. Probably better off riding and letting the terrain naturally dictate your intervals…which is what SS is all about anyways.


Even riding in a flat area trying to maintain a set power with 11 speed is tough, I can’t imagine it being possible on a single speed.

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What ss endurance bike u have? I’m in the market…commuter / off roader