Single Speed MTB Training

anybody doing anything specific w/ their training for racing single speed?!

or just load up on a massive amount fitness as usual?

I don’t ride SS, but I know you need to work on overall fitness first. Then mix in a variety of cadence work as you will likely have to use a massive range from slow to fast (50 rpm to 120 rpm).

As such, I would do a mix of cadence work at both ends of the spectrum as well as everything between. Consider the intervals you are doing and the general cadence you might be using for them.

This assumes that you are training with a setup that allows selection of cadence. That might be training on a geared bike on the trainer and/or outside. Or it may be a smart trainer in ERG mode that allows you to set your preferred cadence and still hit the power targets.

I’m not sure there is anything that really simulates riding SS except for riding SS. With that said, I had a pretty good season when i was exclusively riding my SS from doing standard endurance and sweet spot intervals indoors, and when I got outdoors either rode my SS, or never dropped to my granny gear during a climb on my gravel rides. It seems like a smart trainer might be able to get the level of resistance necessary to simulate the demands of SS riding, but how much you want to simulate on the trainer will depend on your local weather conditions and timing of your events.