Single-Serving Blender - Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread!

I have the Vitamix blender but I’m a bit lazy, so, for me, it gets to be a hassle to use it for post-work out nutrition. Too many things to wash afterwards and too much leftover smoothie left in the container. So I don’t use it.

My kid bought the Magic Bullet and I decided to use it one day, and it has been frigging awesome.

  1. Drink straight out of the single-serving cup that attaches to the mixer
  2. Cut up some fruit, put them in a big ziploc bag and throw it in the freezer; alternatively, buy bagged frozen fruit if your spouse is not into cutting up fruits for you. Bananas getting over ripe? No problem! Cut them up and put them in the freezer.
  3. Mix with favorite recovery/shake concoction.

Drinking something cold after a hot indoor workout must release endorphins or something, because the smoothie tastes soo gooood!

The only concern is that I sometimes use the aftermarket 22-oz cup and I wonder if I’ll burn out the motor from putting in the ingredients above the max fill line.

I’m not sponsored by Magic Bullet or by the single-serving blender industry association and I really don’t want to be a shill . . . but really, this is awesome and wanted to share. I’m even thinking of getting another one that I’ll take with me when I travel.

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Also a fantastic way to make hummus. I put a can of chickpeas in mine with whatever seasonings and spices and eat it over a couple of days. Some much more convenient than say a food processor

FYI, there is an attachment for a “single serve” cup for the Vitamix:


We have a ninja pulse with a bunch of sizes for single serve, we can’t do hot liquids in there though as it’s sealed.

We actually have had an alternate blender (that allows hot liquids) and haven’t used it in ages. The ninja pulse gets use probably 5-6 times a week for my shakes.